About AUM
Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
The Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs is part of Auburn Montgomery’s Division of Student Affairs. With students as its primary audience, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs promotes prejudice-reduction, global-education, and social-justice initiatives throughout the campus. Key collaborations include—but are not limited to—Student Involvement, Advocacy and Accountability, The First Year Experience, academic units, individual faculty, and Human Resources; all partnerships feature seminars,  lectures, and/or intercultural immersions that reflect AUM’s commitment to global diversity.   AUM folds global diversity into its core values and institutional practices, regarding global diversity as a balance of  domestic diversity issues, trends, and emerging voices and international issues. The ultimate goal is to help AUM graduate socially-responsible leaders and to keep faculty and administrators current-and-competent regarding comprehensive diversity issues, especially those that impact higher education.

Contact us to schedule a lecture, interactive workshop, or if you simply wish to have a conversation.   334-244-3904


The Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs helps Auburn Montgomery achieve institutional diversity in many ways, including helping recruit and retain diverse individuals; promoting awareness, inclusion, and tolerance; and engaging diverse communities beyond Auburn Montgomery.

The Diversity Office collaborates with all segments of the Auburn Montgomery community to achieve identified institutional goals that include the following:      

*Attract, recruit, and retain diverse and talented faculty, administrators, and students.       

*Develop, implement and monitor programs that foster a campus culture of inclusion and respect.

*Explore new and strengthen existing partnerships with regional communities and industries to enhance diversity within and beyond the university. 


In pace with Auburn Montgomery’s overall growth, the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs evolves into the Center for Inter-cultural and Global Education,* an integral factor in AUM’s institutional identity:  a teaching-and-learning community that advances knowledge, pedagogy, service, and scholar-leadership through the intentional integration of diverse ideas, cultures, and life-experiences.

*a proposed goal in the 2012 Plan for Institutional Diversity