Auburn Montgomery Internal Communications Survey – Faculty and Staff

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve communication on campus, the Office of University Relations is conducting a survey about its internal communications systems.

This survey will be active through May 2.

We will use the results of this survey to enhance communication on campus. Thank you for your participation.

1) In general, how would you describe the amount of information you receive about university news, events, achievements, etc.?

2) What types of information are important to you? (Check all that apply.)

3) Which THREE of these communications channels do you rely on most to receive AUM information?

4) How often do you read News and Headlines?

5) How often do you visit

7) How often do you visit AUMnet?

9) If a subscription-based tool (or opt-in method) were available for university news delivery, would you use it?

10) If an internal (faculty and staff) social network were developed for AUM, would you use it?

11) If it were possible for you to generate your own content to share electronically with the university community, how often would you submit such content?

12) How much do you rely on a mobile device to get AUM information?