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About iTunes U

AUM on iTunes U provides access to a wide range of AUM-related digital audio and video content via the iTunes Store, Apple’s online music, video and podcast service. The AUM iTunes project includes two sites:

  • A public site open to all visitors that includes special lectures, news, sports, and more.

  • An access-restricted site for the AUM community that includes course-based materials for students enrolled in those courses.

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is simply a series of audio or video files delivered to your computer via the Internet. Podcast playback can be on desktop computers and portable media devices. However, with a true podcast, users have the option to “subscribe” to the program or course, much like a magazine, but free of charge.
Listening to a podcast does not require an iPod. The term "podcast" is really a combination of broadcasting and iPod, but in reality a podcast can be played back on any computer or device that supports the MP3 format. To fully take advantage of "enhanced" podcasts you may need to use an iPod or other specific mobile device, but in general any MP3 player will do.
Here are just a few ways podcasts can be integrated into the teaching and learning environment:

  • Students can download podcasted audio programs and listen wherever they go, whenever they like. New episodes of a podcast are automatically downloaded. Instructors can limit the listening audience to students in their course. Instructors can record and publish their own podcasts.

  • Podcast production does not require recording studios or professional equipment; instructors can create them in their office.

  • Instructors can create podcasts designed to answer questions, elaborating on difficult concepts, and giving tips on how to succeed in the course.

  • Presentations by students can be created and delivered to their instructor.