Information Technology Services

 Wireless Access


Wireless Access points have been installed throughout campus buildings. These access points allow faculty and staff to connect to the campus network without having to be patched into a wall jack. In order to connect to the Wireless network, you must first obtain a Wireless Network Interface Card (NIC). 
After correctly installing one of these devices into your laptop, PDA, or Tablet PC, you need to configure your network settings. The following guides will help you in the process.
Windows 7 User's Guide
Windows Vista User's Guide
Windows XP User's Guide
Mac OS User's Guide
iPad User's Guide
AUM Faculty and Staff may request wireless access for visitors by completing the Visitor Wireless Access Request Form. The Visitor Wireless Access Form must be submitted to ITS within 48 hours of using the network.
If you need further assistance with any step in this process, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 244-3500.