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Your Property

  • Use a combination padlock on all storage units. Check the unit periodically to make sure nothing has been disturbed.
  • Don’t mark your key chain with your name, address and/or license number. Lost keys can lead to theft. Take care of keys; don’t give anyone the chance to duplicate them.
  • Engrave all valuable personal property with your name and a unique number known only to you. Keep a detailed list of all valuables and serial numbers.  Keep a copy of this list at your permanent residence as a backup.
  • Move valuables out of view from windows and doors.
  • Lock your vehicle and residence at all times.
  • Copy all important papers and cards that you carry in your purse or wallet, including your driver’s license. Keep the copies in a safe place. The information will be invaluable if anything is stolen or lost.
  • Copy your vehicle ID and tag number. If your vehicle is stolen, it cannot be entered into the nationwide law enforcement network without this information


Lockers to store your items while on campus are located in The Wellness Center and other Schools.