AUM’s future nonprofit leaders continue nationally recognized excellence
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AUM’s future nonprofit leaders continue nationally recognized excellence

Students and dogs at AUM pet adopt-a-thonThey’re not the largest chapter. They’re not at the largest school. They don’t have the largest budget. But Auburn Montgomery’s group of Nonprofit Leadership Alliance members make the most of what they have to put smiles on the faces of children and lend a helping hand to the community.

Case in point – the recent 11th annual Find a Friend at AUM pet adopt-a-thon. Six humane shelters from across the River Region, as well as Perry and Houston counties, were hosted on campus by the NPLA students, and close to two-thirds of the animals that came along found new homes and families. The NPLA at AUM also hosts annual Christmas and Easter gatherings for local children who might not otherwise experience the full spirit of these holidays.

But it’s not just those three annual events. In fact, over the last year, only three of the approximately 50 NPLA student groups nationwide completed more than 50 projects, and Auburn Montgomery was one of them – beating out schools with budgets and student bodies several times larger. And the knowledge and experience the students gain from these projects is invaluable.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication these students commit to making the world a better place, they learn and grow and eventually earn their CPN certification – Certified Nonprofit Manager – another area in which Auburn Montgomery excels on a national level. According to a recent campus annual report released by the NPLA, Auburn Montgomery was among the top 10 groups in the nation in the number of certifications earned over the last fiscal year.

AUM’s NPLA Executive Director Tink Lucy-Bouler said the students really step up and work hard to learn the ropes of planning and executing successful projects and events.

"They’re all good-hearted people," Lucy-Bouler said. "They’re just not always sure or confident in their abilities. This program equips them with the tangible skills to hit the ground running after they’ve earned their certification."

Lucy-Bouler said the pet adopt-a-thon is no different than a 5K run or dinner fundraising event that nonprofit organizations typically depend on to sustain their missions. Students take the reins on these projects and build them from the ground up, giving them the skills to organize similar events when they go on to work for nonprofits in their careers. Other projects the NPLA students help with on campus include the Alabama Council for Technology in Education State Fair and the Holocaust Education program.

One project the NPLA has coming up is its fourth annual hygiene drive to collect essential toiletries for children in Malawi, Africa. The NPLA will have a booth set up at AUMfest on Oct. 10 to collect soap, toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper, and other necessary items to donate. The drive will continue at least through the month of October. Contact Lucy-Bouler at or give her a call at 244-3350.

Sept. 16, 2013


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