Update your AUM Alert preferences today, know what to do in a crisis
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Update your AUM Alert preferences today, know what to do in a crisis

In light of the recent incident at Faulkner University, the Auburn Montgomery Office of Public Safety would like to remind campus about the university’s crisis response programs.

In the case of an emergency that threatens campus or has the potential to threaten campus – from active shooter events to tornado warnings – a crisis team is in place (even after-hours and on holidays) to generate AUM Alert messages. AUM students, faculty and will receive email alerts as part of a feature within the alert system; however, to receive AUM Alerts via text message and voice, you must personally sign up using your AUM login and password at https://www.getrave.com/login/aum and make your selections.

All AUM Alerts will begin with the phrase “AUM Alert,” followed by pertinent information on the emergency and further instructions. Updates will be sent until the crisis is resolved.

If you are experiencing an emergency, call Campus Police at 244-3424. We recommend programming this number into your cellphone. While dialing 911 is always encouraged, especially if you can’t recall the number for Campus Police, the AUM police team is already on campus and can, therefore, usually respond much quicker than city police dispatched by 911. Rest assured, Campus Police will also be in touch with emergency personnel to secure other resources – fire and rescue, ambulance service, etc. – if needed.

For more information, including access to AUM’s Critical Operations Manual, visit http://www.aum.edu/about-aum/public-safety.

Sept. 3, 2013


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