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Parking Policy

Auburn University at Montgomery has established a policy requiring vehicle registration for those vehicles parking on campus. The new policy will go into effect on August 17, 2015, with vehicle registrations beginning in July, 2015.

The primary goals of the new parking policy are as follows:

  • Create system that will allow campus police to identify the majority of vehicles parked on campus, enhancing safety.
  • Increase the number of parking spaces on campus accessible to students.
  • Generate revenue that can be utilized for maintaining current parking lots, adding additional lots and improving or increasing safety measures (e.g., additional lighting/cameras).

The following information is intended to provide policy highlights. This information is not a substitute for the official parking rules and regulations. If your question is not answered here, please read the full AUM Parking Policy or contact the AUM Police Department in Taylor Center (southeast entrance), 334-244-3424.


  1. All vehicles parking on campus (with the exception of those parking in metered spots) are required to be registered with campus police or park in a metered spot.
    • Students who park on campus will be assessed a fee of $30 per year.  
    • Faculty/Staff Reserved Parking privileges will require a fee to $75 per year.  Faculty and staff who do not wish to park in the reserved parking spaces will register for General Permit Parking and WILL NOT be charged to register their vehicle(s).

      (Note: AUM plans to increase the number of General Permit Parking spaces by approximately 36, and the total number of Faculty/Staff Reserved Parking spots by approximately 14. The plan also includes adding approximately 24-metered spots for short-term visitor parking.)

  2. All registered vehicles must display one of the following permits:
    • Annual parking permit decal in lower corner of driver side back windshield
    • Faculty/Staff Reserved hang tag displayed in front window
    • Wellness Center Member hang tag displayed in front window
    • Annual vendor permit hang tag displayed in front window
    • Temporary parking permit placard placed in driver side corner of front windshield
  3. Cost for registering vehicles will be as follows:
    • Non-resident students — $30.00 per academic year; will grant access to general permit parking areas. 
    • Resident students — Included in housing costs; will grant access to residential permit parking areas
    • Faculty and staff — None; will grant access to general permit parking areas
    • Faculty and staff reserved zone — $75.00 per academic year; will grant access to Faculty/Staff reserved parking areas
    • Wellness Center — None; will grant access to Wellness Center parking lot
    • Annual Vendor/Guest Pass — None; will grant access to general permit parking areas
  4. All guests parking on campus must do one of the following:
    • Park in a metered spot and pay for appropriate time
    • Obtain a guest pass from campus police at no charge
    • Obtain an annual vendor pass from campus police at no charge
    • Display placard distributed by conference services (conference attendees)
  5. Parking policy will be monitored for registration between the hours of 7 a.m.–6 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  6. Parking at the baseball, softball and soccer fields, intramural fields, and at running trail and track will not be monitored for registration.


August 17, 2015


Vehicles failing to display proper registration on or after August 17, 2015, will be assessed a fine of $25.00.


Parking policy will be relaxed during special events on campus including athletic events, recruitment related events, and other days as directed by Director of Police Operations.


This policy is available and applicable to faculty, staff, students, vendors and guests of the University. 


General Permit Parking:  White lined spots located in each of the parking lots on campus.  Any registered vehicles are permitted to park in these spots.

Residential Permit Parking:  White lined spots within lots designated for residential parking. 

Faculty/Staff Reserved Parking:  Orange lined spots found in most of the lots on campus.  Only vehicles showing a “faculty / staff reserved” permit will be allowed to park in these spots.


  1. Registration
    • All students and staff will register their vehicles through a designated online system.  Payment can be submitted at the time of registration or, for students, charged to a student account.  
    • Registration is done on an annual basis based on academic year.  Rates will be pro-rated from time of purchase.
    • Vendors and guests may register at campus police.
    • Two vehicles may be registered per registration fee for general permit and residential permit parking. Vehicles must be in the name of employee/student, family member of employee/student or member of employee/student household. Faculty/Staff reserved parking only allows for one vehicle per registration fee.
    • Those who register online can print out their receipt to pick up their parking tag at campus police.
  2. Enforcement
    • Parking will be enforced by Campus Police.
    • Fines are as follows:



    • Violators may appeal fines to the Director of Police Operations at 334-244-3424 or