AUM Online

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AUM Online: Excellence Anywhere
AUM delivers a variety of online programs and individual courses to support many kinds of learners. Working professionals, traditional students, non-resident students, and students taking summer courses enjoy the affordability and convenience of online courses at AUM.

Online Course Tuition and Fees 
Current costs for in-state and out-of-state students attending AUM are located on the Tuition and Fees page. Students who do not reside in Alabama and are enrolled in an AUM Online program are charged a reduced tuition rate. 

All students taking online classes at AUM are assessed the Online Course Fee of $40 per credit hour. This fee covers services, tools, and fees necessary for the delivery of online courses and programs such as: the production of online courses, the learning management system, and other instructional technology licensing fees. 

All AUM students are assessed an Administrative Service Fee of $35 per semester and a Technology Fee of $8 per credit hour.

Non-Alabama Resident Students
Students who are non-Alabama residents and enrolled in a fully online program are charged tuition at the rate of: 

  • $315 per credit hour for undergraduate
  • $395 per credit hour for graduate

Some of the fees charged to on-campus students are waived for fully online students, saving the non-Alabama distance education student hundreds of dollars per semester. 

Non-Alabama Resident online students will be assessed some fees: the Administrative Service Fee of $35 per semester, the Technology Fee of $8 per credit hour, and Online Course Fee of $40 per credit hour.