Registrar's Office

Access to Records


Students have the right to be provided a list of the type of educational records maintained by the University which are directly related to the student; the right to inspect and review the contents of these records; the right to a response from the University to reasonable requests for explanation and interpretation of these records; the right to an opportunity for a hearing to challenge the content of these records; and if any material or document in the educational records of a student includes information on more than one student the right to inspect and review only the part of such material or document as relates to the student.

Students do not have access to financial records of their parents; confidential letters and statements of recommendation which were placed in the educational record prior to January 1, 1975, provided such letters or statements were solicited or designated as confidential and are not used for purposes other than those for which they were specifically intended; confidential recommendations, if the student signed a waiver of the right of access, respecting admission, application for employment and the receipt of an honor or honorary recognition.

Students do not have access to instructional, supervisory or administrative personnel records which are not accessible or revealed to any other individual except a substitute (instructor or professor); Campus Police records which are created by Campus Police for the purpose of law enforcement; employment records except when such employment requires that the person be a student; and Advancement and Alumni Office records.

Students do not have access to physical or mental health records created by a psychiatrist, psychologist or other recognized professional acting in his or her capacity or to records created in connection with the treatment of the student under these conditions which are not disclosed to anyone other than individuals providing treatment. These records may be reviewed by a physician or appropriate professional of the student’s choice.