Registrar's Office

Student Records


Confidentiality of Student Records

Auburn University at Montgomery recognizes that the privacy and maintenance of student educational records is necessary and vital to assist the student’s education. The university recognizes its obligation to exercise discretion in recording and disseminating information about students to ensure that their rights of privacy are maintained.

The University will furnish annual notification to students of their right to inspect and review their educational records; the right to request amendment of education records considered by them to be inaccurate or misleading or that violate privacy or other rights. A student has a right to a hearing should the University decline to amend such records.

The following guidelines have been developed to ensure the privacy rights of students. For the purposes of this policy statement a student is defined as an individual who has been admitted and then has been registered as a student at the University. Classification as a student in one component of the University (e.g., an undergraduate program) does not imply that the person has been accorded the rights outlined below in other component units (i.e., graduate school).

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act