Learning Communities
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Living and Learning Communities

There’s something new in on-campus living at AUM. Living and Learning Communities (LLCs) are an exciting addition to the residential experience. Designed to encourage personal enrichment and the achievement of shared educational goals, they provide an environment where living and learning go hand in hand. LLCs give you the opportunity to pursue your interests and share your talents with fellow residents. What better way to meet new friends?

An advisor facilitates unique programming that fits with each LLC. You can expect academic and peer support from the advisor, Residence Life Staff and your fellow residents. Read more to find out which Living and Learning Community is right for you.

Learning Comes First (LCF) Living and Learning Community

Learning Comes First is a specially designed residential community that provides a built-in academic and social network for new AUM freshmen. Participants will enjoy these awesome benefits:

  • Making New Friends Fast: All LCF students will live on the same floor in North Commons.
  • Being Part of a Learning Community: LCF students take the majority of their classes together, giving you a close, convenient study group.
  • Tutoring at No Additional Cost: Trained tutors are on site to help when you need assistance with a course.
  • Exclusive Overnight Summer Orientation: Freshmen who have been accepted to the LCF program are invited to a special orientation in North Commons. They meet potential roommates and get a preview of LCF activities before attending a standard summer orientation session the next morning.

Who Can Join?
Any fall incoming freshmen who plan to live on campus can apply. Space is limited.

How do I Apply?
1. Complete the housing application via the link on MyAUM

2. Complete an LCF Application

The Global Learning Community

The world is becoming a smaller place. More than ever, we can see and experience the entire world around us, from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe. Becoming a global citizen and developing a multicultural awareness is increasingly important for success. College is the perfect time to cultivate this awareness, and one of many ways you can do so at AUM is to join the Global Learning Community (GLC).

Live and learn in a diverse environment and experience special global programming. 
Who Can Join?
Any AUM student that has an interest in world cultures, planning to live on campus can apply.

How do I Apply?
1. Complete the housing application via the link on MyAUM
2. Complete the GLC Application 


The Bridge Living and Learning Community

  The AUM Bridge Living and Learning Community offers an exciting student-centered learning environment. You’ll be geared for academic success with support from AUM resources and your peers in this unique community. Students who participate will become members of a fun, challenging, and supportive group of people dedicated to academic success and personal development.  

Who Can Join?
Any student admitted to AUM via the Bridge Program may apply to live in the Bridge Living and Learning Community.

How Do I Apply?
1. Apply and be admitted to AUM (www.aum.edu/apply) as a student. There is no separate Bridge application for admissions. Students are notified of their eligibility for the Bridge program based upon their AUM application.

2. You will receive your username and password for MyAUM (my.aum.edu).

3. Complete the housing application via the link on MyAUM.