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Dual Enrollment

As a high school student, AUM’s Dual Enrollment program offers you the opportunity to earn simultaneous high school and college credit. It has never been easier to fast forward to your future!

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What are the requirements for participation in Dual Enrollment?

  • You must have completed your sophomore year of high school;
  • You must have a high school GPA of 3.0 or above;
  • You must have a minimum composite score of 18 on the ACT or 950 on the SAT;
  • You must have permission from your high school and your parent or guardian.

What is the difference between Dual Enrollment and an Advanced Placement Course (AP)?

  • An AP course is an advanced high school course. After completing an AP course, you take a national exam. Depending on how well you do, a university may award you college credit;
  • A Dual Enrollment course is a regular course. If you pass the course, you will have an official college transcript.

What steps do I take to apply to participate in Dual Enrollment?

  • Talk with your parents and your high school counselor about Dual Enrollment;
  • Complete the form below to speak to an advisor. 

What are the costs for Dual Enrollment?

  • As a dual enrollment participant, you are only required to pay tuition.  NOTE:  Some fees do apply to online classes.
  • Tuition will be $100 per credit hour. This amount does not include your textbook(s).
  • Payment Options:
    • By phone at 334-244-3286,
    • Visit the Office of Student Accounts (First floor of the Taylor Center),
    • My AUM account and pay through Web Pay.

Check out the Available Dual Enrollment Classes

  • COMM-1010:  Introduction to Human Communication

  • CSCI-1000:  Survey of Computer Applications, No-prerequisite​

  • CSCI-1050:  Foundations of Computer Science, No-prerequisite​ 

  • ​CSCI-1110:  Introduction to Programming with Python, No-prerequisite

  • CSCI-2000:  Functional Programming with C++, Prerequisite: CSCI-1110

  • CSCI-2010:  Front-end Web App Development, No-prerequisite​

  • CSCI-2020:  Introduction to Engineering Design, Fabrication & Gamification, No-prerequisite​

  • CSCI-2030:  Engineering Drawing & Digit Art Development, No-prerequisite​

  • CSCI-2040:  Security Policy, No-prerequisite​

  • CSCI-2050:  Cybersecurity Trend, No-prerequisite​

  • CSCI-2060:  2D Scene and Character Design, No-Prerequisite

  • CSCI-3000:  Object-Oriented Programming with C++, Prerequisite: CSCI-2000

  • CSCI-3010:  Back-end Web App Development, Prerequisite: CSCI-2010

  • ECON 2010:  Principles of Micro-Economics

  • ENGL 1010:  English Composition I

  • ENGL 1020:  English Composition II

  • ENGL 2570:  Survey of American Literature I

  • ENGL 2580:  Survey of American Literature II

  • MATH 1050:  College Algebra

  • MATH 1100:  Finite Mathematics

  • MATH 1120:  Pre-Calculus Algebra

  • MATH 1150:  Pre-Calculus Algebra with Trig

  • HIST 2010:  History of the United States to 1865

  • HIST 2020:  History of the United States since 1865

  • POLS 2020:  Intro to American Politics

  • ECON 2010:  Economics I

  • SPAN 1010:  Elementary Spanish I

  • SPAN 1020:  Elementary Spanish II

  • PSYC 2110:  General Introductory Psychology

  • SOCI 2000:  Introduction to Sociology

*All courses 3 credit hours.






What happens next?

Complete a transcript permission form to have your high school transcript and test scores submitted to the Admissions Office. Once we have received all the documents and determined the admission decision, we will notify you via mail regarding your admission decision and pertinent information. The Office of Admissions will assist with course registration. You will need to pay for your AUM course(s) by published payment deadlines. You can purchase books at the AUM Bookstore on campus. 

The courses offered through Dual Enrollment are subject to the same rules and regulations as all other AUM courses, as outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog. Dual Enrollment students are subject to the same standards of conduct and academic achievement as other AUM students. Student’s grades will be assigned by instructors and posted to an AUM transcript. 

For more information, please fill out the form below or your speak to your high school counselor.