Financial & Administrative Services

Financial Information

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Financial & Administrative Services is to provide and promote the highest standards of accounting and financial reporting services to meet the business needs of the students, faculty, staff and service providers of the University in a pleasant, professional, and efficient manner.  The Office of Financial & Administrative Services serves the institution by processing and initiating transactions, generating financial reports, and supporting strategic university-wide financial planning.


Planning & Budget Information


May 31st – Freeze date for eligibility for salary increase and/or supplemental pay
June 5th – BOT Meeting: budget guidelines presented
June 22nd– Budget development process begins; salary recommendation sheets will be sent to each VC or college unit
July 1st – Salary recommendation spreadsheets due to the Provost/VC/Senior Staff
July 8th – Salary sheets due to Financial and Administrative Services
July 20th – Salary recommendations due to Auburn Budget Office
August 10th – Final Budget due to AU Budget Office including detail of Revenue & Expenditures
September 25th – BOT Meeting:  approval of budget
October 1st – Start of fiscal year 2016



2015-2016 Budget

Click on the links below for the PowerPoint Presentations from the Planning & Budget meetings.
Planning & Budget Meeting 11-21-14

Planning & Budget Meeting 12-11-14

Planning & Budget Meeting 1-16-15

Planning & Budget Meeting 2-20-15

Planning & Budget Meeting 3-13-15

Enrollment Presentation by Sub-Committee 3-13-15
Planning & Budget Meeting 4-2-15

Planning & Budget Meeting 5-15-15

Planning & Budget Meeting 6-19-15

Planning & Budget Meeting 9-11-15  

Planning & Budget Meeting 11-13-2015

Planning & Budget Meeting 1-22-2016