Faculty-Led Programs

2017 Programs/Application

Please contact Study Abroad at (334) 244-3544 or studyabroad@aum.edu

2016 Programs

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2016 Study Abroad Faculty-Led Program Application

AUM students in Mexico 2014


Study Spanish and the indigenous Mayan culture in the surrounding communities at the Instituto Jovel, Chiapas, Mexico. AUM students pay program fee but zero AUM tuition! Take advantage of this program to complete up to 8 credit language requirement in just one short month.

For more details contact Professor Pamela Long at plong@aum.edu.


Belize Flag


Engage in Childhood Advocacy Studies in Belize with the College of Public Policy and Justice. This opportunity is for students who wish to enhance their global perspectives and to participate in in-depth cross-cultural examinations from social work, anthropological, and historic theoretical frames of global, social, and economic issues of development. This project also offers an opportunity for students to implement a civic engagement project, serving children who have lost their parents to various diseases and other circumstances. Pay tuition and sign up for SOCI 4440/SOCI 3914, you can earn 3 to 6 AUM credit hours.

For more information contact Professor Denise Davis-Maye at ddavisma@aum.edu.


AUM students in Japan


Study Abroad in Japan during the summer of 2016! Sign up for the class and earn AUM credits (up to six hours) while you are studying.

For more information, contact College of Business Professor Don Amoroso at damoroso@aum.edu.


AUM students in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

For an eye-popping Study Abroad experience in Costa Rica (earn 1-3 credit hours) in the summer of 2016.

Contact Professor Nick Bourke in the College of Education at nbourke@aum.edu.


AUM students in Oxford


In 2013 and 2014 AUM students took what they learned in the classroom to the prestigious Oxford University on a short-term Study Abroad tour. Next year, we will be sending another group of students on the same trip. Would you like to be among those special privileged students?

For more details contact Professor Matt Jordan at mjordan5@aum.edu.


Trinidad and Topago flag

Trinidad and Tobago

Study for two weeks in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Students will have the opportunity to visit one of most southern isles of the Caribbean, one with strong multicultural and sports traditions.

For more information contact Cornell Foo at cfoo@aum.edu.


AUM students in China


Journey to the central Chinese city of Wuhan and the capital, Bejing, to learn of the nation's history, culture, religions and heritage.

For more information about the program contact LC Kelley at Lkelley8@aum.edu.


Eiffel Tower in Paris


London-Paris-Frankfurt. That's three of Europe's most famous cities in one trip!

For more details contact Professor Jeff Bates at jbates3@aum.edu.


2015 Programs 

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South Asia- Sri Lanka


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Puerto Rico and Ecuador


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San Jose, Costa Rica