Residency Requirements

Auburn University of Montgomery 

Application for Change of Residency

For Tuition Purposes

Please read Auburn University Montgomery’s policy on Nonresident Tuition carefully as the student has the burden of proof in a change of residency appeal.  The full policy can be found at  To apply for change of residency, the following documentation must be submitted:

  • This Application for Change of Residency, including a personal statement and pertinent documentary evidence that substantiates the information in your personal statement.     
  • Certification of Residency in the State of Alabama statement

SECTION I:  Personal Information

Name of Student                     _________________________________________________________________

Student Number                      _________________________________________________________________

Type of Appeal                       _________________________________________________________________

                                                (i.e., ‘Minor’ dependent or ‘Non-minor’ resident)

Name of Parent                       _________________________________________________________________

(if applicable)

Local Address                         _________________________________________________________________


Permanent Address                 _________________________________________________________________


 Telephone Number                  _________________________________________________________________

 Email Address                         _________________________________________________________________

 United States Citizen               Yes____  No____                   OR          Permanent Resident:  Yes___  No___

 SECTION II:  Personal Statement:  Please attach a detailed written statement that explains the reason(s) that you moved to the State of Alabama and why you believe you should be classified as a resident-student for tuition purposes.  For continuing students, please indicate what conditions have changed that justifies a reclassification of residency.

SECTION III:  Certification of Residency in the State of Alabama:  Please attach this form, signed and dated.

SECTION IV:  Documentation:  Please provide legible copies of all documentation that you believe demonstrates that you are a resident student for tuition purposes as defined in the Nonresident Tuition Policy.  Deliberate submission of false information can subject the applicant to disciplinary sanctions.

 Please Note:  All requested documentation must be submitted and completed in full.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.  Supplying all documents required for a residency appeal does NOT guarantee residency but allows the institution to assess each situation and apply Alabama law accordingly.