Seamless Admission

Seamless Admission

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Seamless Admission is a one-year, joint program between Auburn University and Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM). Seamless was created five years ago as a way to provide an alternative pathway for students who wish to have a freshman year experience with a distinct Auburn flavor, but were not offered traditional admission to Auburn University.

In order to be considered for the Seamless program, students must first apply for freshman admission at Auburn. Then, if a student narrowly misses acceptance into Auburn and has at or above a 2.3 high school GPA and scores higher than a 17 on the ACT (or above a 860 on the SAT), they are automatically eligible to receive consideration for the Seamless program.

For those students that narrowly missed acceptance into Auburn, accepting the invitation to be a part of Seamless is the first step to earning an Auburn University degree.    

Why Seamless? 
1. You can take classes on Auburn's campus. 

While in the one-year Seamless program, participants are officially AUM students.  However, because they have chosen to be a part of Seamless, they will have the unique ability to take their classes on the Auburn University campus just as a traditionally admitted student would. 

2. You can participate in academic support and social activities on Auburn's campus. 
Seamless students are offered academic support through supplemental instruction sections that are specifically catered to their needs.  Additionally, Seamless students will have a Tiger Card that will get them access to many clubs and events on Auburn's campus.

3. You can rest assured that all credit hours taken in the program will transfer to Auburn. 
Seamless students are academically advised based on their desired Auburn major.  This means no wasted money or time by taking classes that won't transfer.  

4. You will be guaranteed admission to Auburn upon successful completion of the program.
Upon successful completion of ones year in the program, they will be guaranteed admission to Auburn beginning the fall of their sophomore year.  Successful completion means achieving a 2.5 GPA and completing 30 credit hours.

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