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AUM Design and Communication students collaborate for a virtual curation

Design Student Makenzie Maddox Alabama State Parks Ad
AUM student Makenzie Maddox designed an ad and student Amy Harris created the above 3D display to showcase Alabama State Parks.

While online learning and the practice of social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic has presented obstacles for many students in hands-on fields, media and design students at Auburn University at Montgomery overcame the challenge by creating art and ad ideas for an online gallery.

Tide Pods 3D design by AUM student Jennifer Sanchez
 A 3D design of detergent disks by Jennifer Sanchez.

The gallery titled “A Quarantined Curated Collaboration” showcases the work of students who took COMM 3020: Visual Communication and VISU 1132: 3D Design classes this spring at AUM. Working from home because of the pandemic, students collaborated using virtual communication tools to complete the gallery project.

“Art is more than just creating a visually engaging piece of work, it also is about the conversation,” said Marguerite Gilbertson, a lecturer in sculpture and spatial studies. “Communication is essential in viewing, understanding, and creating art.”

Communication Lecturer Katherine Irwin, who created the interdisciplinary assignment with Gilbertson, said the collaboration shows how AUM students can be creative outside the classroom.

“Honestly, the work of these students is proof that AUM students persevered despite the many challenges of this quarantined semester,” she said.

For their class project, students created three advertisements — past, present and future — for a either a product, service, person, or event of choice, keeping in mind the audience. Students incorporated visual cues and design principles into advertisements, ranging from Pepsi, Tide and Coke to Foo Fighters, Nike, Motley Crue and Alabama State Parks.

Design student Keishuana Akin's 3D Pepsi can.

With the nation in the middle of a pandemic, visual communication senior Lavashti Moxey designed a present day ad for Pepsi encouraging quarantined families to keep safe by staying home and enjoying a Pepsi. Moxey collaborated with design student Keishuana Akins, who created a 3D Pepsi can display using chicken wire, paper and paint.

“During this time, feeling appreciated and loved is the best thing a company can do for their customers,” Moxey said in a description of her ad. “The purpose of this present ad is to encourage customers to know that Pepsi is by their side even through hard times such as this one.”

“The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone regardless of age, race, gender, and occupation. Since we are all quarantined at home right now, Pepsi wants to encourage families to continue staying safe by staying home and enjoy your favorite Pepsi drink.”

Irwin, who teaches visual communication, and Gilbertson, who teaches 3D design, created the online gallery to showcase the creativity of students. Despite not having access to campus labs for design software, students were able to find free design apps and incorporate the artwork of 3D design students to develop an engaging gallery of artwork, Irwin said.

“Even with the unforeseen circumstances of COVID-19, students in these courses were able to continue this project by collaborating virtually,” she said. “This assignment was a great opportunity for the two classes to come together to help students understand how to communicate about what they see in the world around them.”

To view students’ work, visit the “Quarantined Curated Collaboration” online gallery.