Warhawk Wellness Challenge
Spooktacular Scavenger Hunt
Oct. 31, 2014
Ultimate Warhawk Challenge
Nov. 14, 2014

Ultimate Warhawk Warrior

Friday, Nov. 14
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

AUM Wellness Center


Are You Warhawk Nation Strong?

 Sept. 22 - Nov. 14
Over eight weeks, teams of six Warhawk students will take on a series of physical challenges (to be done on their own time) to earn points, starting with mild daily challenges that increase in difficulty as the weeks pass. Each week, challengers will have the opportunity to participate in instructional sessions led by one of our AUMazing sponsors. At the final meet of the Warhawk Wellness Challenge on Nov. 14, scores from the eight-week challenge will be tallied, and teams will go head-to-head in a timed physical and mental obstacle course to earn $300 each and the title of Fall 2014 Warhawk Warriors. The student with the HIGHEST overall scores will win $300, FREE Dining/Bookstore Scholarship, and the title of The Fall 2014 Ultimate Warhawk Warrior.

So, are you Warhawk Nation Strong?

Meet Our Sponsors

Daryl Morris - Housing and Residence Life, Director
Starting off as a student-worker in Housing, Morris has worked his way up and has been here at AUM for 15 years. His personal fitness journey, and love for his wife and two daughters, gives him the motivation to guide others toward healthier living. He feels it is a privilege to be able to develop and maintain programs that are conducive to supporting healthier lifestyles, which can be a challenge for any college student. He appreciates his role as Director because he loves working with students, faculty, and staff to maximize the best possible experience of community and support here at Auburn University at Montgomery, Housing and Residence Life.

Morris is currently seeking a master’s degree in homeland security and is expecting to graduate in December 2015. He received his bachelor’s degree in justice and public safety from Auburn Montgomery in 2004 and a Master of Science in justice and public safety (judicial admiration) from Auburn Montgomery in 2010. He also received a paralegal certificate with each of his degrees. 

Louis Thornton - Wellness Center, Director
Thornton has been serving in this role for more than a year and a half since the Wellness Center opened, but has worked at AUM for 17 years. His passion for fitness support and education comes from enjoying helping people understand the true meaning of living a quality life. He feels that a healthy lifestyle is just as important as a quality education, and he appreciates being able to assist people with connecting the two. His advice to any Warhawk Wellness participant is take time out of your daily schedule and treat yourself to a nice dose of exercise. "You might not believe it, but exercise can boost your attitude about life and make you feel more confident about who you are." 

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