Office of East Asia Initiatives

Shanghai Normal University Visit

Shanghai Normal University's delegation visited Auburn University at Montgomery in January to further discuss its relationship with AUM. The delegation met with the Chancellor of Auburn Montgomery, Dr. John Veres, and other faculty and staff including the following: Dr. Joe King, Provost; Dr. Joy Clark, Associate Provost; Dr. Rhea Ingram, Dean of the College of Business; Dr. Vennessa Funches, Associate Dean of Business; Dr. Zack Jourdan, Department Chair of Information Systems and Management.

Dr. Veres shows pictures to Shanghai Normal faculty
Official from Shanghai Normal University smiles

Shanghai Normal University delegation speaks
Shanghai Normal delegation discusses the aggreement

Shanghai Normal delegation talks to AUM staff
Dr. Veres describes his ideal partnership with Shanghai Normal

Chinese women discuss partnership of AUM and Shanghai Normal
Dr. Ingram shares her vision with Shanghai Normal University

Dr. Funches talks to Shanghai Normal delegation
Dr. Veres talks to Shanghai Normal delegation

Dr. Veres talks to AUM staff and Shanghai Normal delegation
Chinese delegation member watches the meeting

Shanghai Normal delegation takes notes during the meeting
Dr. Joy Clark and Dr. Joe King watch on during the meeting

the delegation discusses how to partner with AUM in study
Dr. Zack Jourdan listens to Dr. Vanessa Funches talk to Shanghai Normal