Career Development Center

On-Line Career Tools and Assessments

FOCUS2...  Your guide for good decision making!

Career assessments heighten self-understanding and assist with career decision-making. They help students identify unique interests, skills, abilities, and personality characteristics.  The AUM Career Development Center uses an on-line career assessment tool, FOCUS2, to assist you in learning how your unique blend of skills, interests, and values are used in the workplace. 

Creating your FOCUS2 account to begin your career exploration is easy!  The access code you will need to create your account is: gowarhawks


Warwawk JOBS is your on-line access to job listings, internships, and on-campus recruiting, available to all AUM students. This comprehensive jobs database brings you the flexibility and convenience of performing your job search from home or any computer with internet access. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just get on-line! To enter your account in Warhawk Jobs, go YOUR MyAUM page, click the button labeled "experience" on the left-hand side (with the briefcase), complete your account, and upload a resume that you can post to resume books, and use to apply to jobs or internships.

CareerShift offers you the opportunity to:

  • Search, select and store job listings from all job boards and all company job postings.
  • Get up-to-date contact information, including e-mail addresses, for millions of companies.
  • Access in-depth information about contacts and companies posting jobs.
  • Record, save and store your correspondence history records automatically.
  • Create personal marketing campaigns, including unlimited resumes and cover letters easily, and save them to access, print or e-mail.
  • Manage your confidential CareerShift account securely from any computer 24/7, to update & maintain your organized and recorded job search.

What is CareerBeam?

CareerBeam is a comprehensive, 24/7, user-friendly program that helps you determine what you want in your career and offers the steps to achieve it. It is a self-paced process to help you clarify your career goals, develop a professional resume and cover letter, prepare for interviews, develop a network, and implement a strategic career search.

CareerBeam helps you tap into the hidden market of jobs and internships by providing access to investigations of over 15 million companies and 20 million industries. It also allows you to identify over 2 million international companies in more than 70 countries. CareerBeam is constantly updating companies’ information so you can have the most current knowledge available.

Remember:  Meet with career counselor often to develop or focus your career action plan as you meet with academic advisor to develop your academic plan. These should ALWAYS go hand in hand as you progress!