Diversity & Multicultural Affairs
The History of Hip-hop and Culture
Dr. Denise Davis-May will explore the origins of what’s called hip-hop music, which means she will explain the gritty, urban culture that gave rise to its own rhythms, rhymes, and raps.  Hip-hop culture created its own language which informed the music and the discourse about the music.  Finally, Dr. Davis-May will show how Hollywood and capitalists coopted both the music and the culture, all for “the almighty dollar” and in the process created a distorted image/culture complete with its own fashion, language, and values.  Dr. Davis-May’s key message is that hip-hop culture did not begin the way it is depicted in  music videos and Hollywood movies.

This is a tentative schedule of events for the fall 2014 semester. 

Breaking the Silence: Suicide Prevention
(219 Taylor Center),  
Warhawk Disability Alliance Meeting
(220 Taylor Center) 
Sept. 10
The Global Education Center

 The “Think Thursdays” Series
The Global Education Center

Justin Burton on Keyboards: Jazz, Gospel, R&B
Sept. 17
The Global Education Center

Phase III
AUM students perform spoken word and dance in a contemporary inspirational, Christian context
Sept. 24
The Global Education Center

"Wicked Wednesdays" Series

Identifying Personal Biases and Micro-Aggressions
Timothy Spraggins,
Oct. 2
The Global Education Center

Women and Minorities in India
Dr. Prit Kaur
  Department of Justice and Public Safety
Oct. 9
The Global Education Center
AUM African American Alumni Reception
Oct. 14
Taylor Center 230
6 – 9 p.m.
The History of Hip Hop Music and Culture
Dr. Denise Davis- Maye
Department of Sociology
Oct. 16
The Global Education Center

 Diwali Panel Discussion/Celebration
Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival that celebrates light over darkness and good over evil.
Oct. 23
The Global Education Center
Day of the Dead Table Display
Oct. 26- Nov. 1

Day of the Dead Lecture and Lunch
Oct. 30
The Global Education Center

Thanks Giving Around the World
Nov. 6
6 p.m.
Taylor Center 221

Kwanzaa and Hanukah Recognition
Dec. 11
Taylor Center 230