Forms and Requests

From this page you may select a variety of links to help you submit information or enter a request for information or services via the following links. The data submitted will be sent to Center for Disability Services automatically. A link to each form or request will be presented followed by a description for the nature of the form or request.


Alternate Format Request

The Alternate Format Request should be accessed by students with a qualifying disability in the event that he or she has a book or class material that  needs to be converted into accessible digital format as an accommodation. Examples include traditional books, paper handouts, presentations, or other media that are unable to be integrated with access technology. Fulfilled requests will be delivered via AUM's Dropbox service. Please note that the file link for your reformatted materials will be sent to your AUM email address only, as the service does not allow links to be sent to third party emails.

Student Inquiry Form

 Do you have a qualifying disability and would like to enroll in the Center for Disability Services? Please fill out the Student Inquiry Form. Your inquiry will be sent directly to CDS and our dedicated counselors will be in touch with you within two business days. Please be aware that you will need up to date documentation and we will need to schedule a meeting with the counselors in order to determine what accommodations may be appropriate provided you meet our criteria. For more information regarding our documentation criteria, please visit the Documentation Criteria web site.

Test Proctoring Report

Students with qualifying disabilities are allowed a quiet testing environment and in some cases a fifty percent increase in allotted testing time. In order to take a test at the Center for Disability Services, you must procure a mutual  agreement by filling out the Test Proctoring Report. Arrangements must be made through our Peer Counselor and the instructor from which the exam is being administered. In some cases the student will need a proctor in the room to dictate or transcribe answers, but in most cases the student will simply be in an enclosed room that is monitored via digital video camera.