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Policies, Requirements & Guidelines

Auburn University at Montgomery Conference Services provides professional conference and event management services to AUM students, faculty/staff, and to outside clientele that further enhance the University’s community involvement, educational opportunities, and academic mission. We deliver outstanding customer service and first-class facilities, complemented by exceptional lodging, dining, audio/visual services, and a dedicated team.


Policies, Requirements, and Guidelines

  1. The assigned rooms/spaces and time confirmed for use are exact and non-transferrable. Auburn Montgomery’s facilities are available to you only during the times assigned by the Conference Services Staff and Housing and Residence Life Staff. 
  2. Contract can be terminated with 30 days written notice by either party. If terminated by external client the University will retain security deposit and any other prepaid fees. If terminated by AUM the external client will be refunded all prepaid fees and security deposit.
  3. Contracts, Payment and Setup Forms must be received by Conference and Campus Services at least (7) days prior to your requested activity, unless otherwise stated in above conditions.
  4. Rooms must be returned to their original condition. Failure to do this may prohibit your use of Auburn Montgomery facilities in the future and could result in added charges for repairs and/or cleaning. The use of silly string, paint, candles, glitter, confetti (or any confetti-type decorating materials) is strictly prohibited in all rooms/spaces on AUM’s campus. Failure to comply with this rule may lead to a considerable fine and termination of your room use privileges.
  5. Damages and repairs will be assessed on the basis of cost to AUM, including labor and material.
  6. AUM’s Chartwell’s Catering is the preferred provider for catering for all off-campus groups. Food may be brought in from outside sources with the approval of Conference Services. The final attendance guarantee for all Chartwell’s food and beverage functions is required three (3) business days prior to the event date, or the contracted expected attendance will become your guaranteed attendance.
  7. Arrangements for audiovisual rentals and all other types of equipment must be made through AUM’s Conference and Campus Services.
  8. Extra security may be required for your event as deemed necessary by Conference and Campus Services. Costs for special security needs will be quoted by the Campus Police Department and are not included in the cost of your event. Auburn Montgomery Campus Police must approve such events at least two weeks in advance.
  9. The external organization shall, at its own expense, procure and maintain, without interruption during the event contract, insurance of the kinds and limits listed hereunder. Certificate(s) of insurance issued by the organization’s insurance carrier shall be furnished to Auburn University at Montgomery a minimum of 72 hours in advance of event date and shall name Auburn University at Montgomery, Auburn University, its Board of Trustees, Faculty, Staff, and Agents as Additional Insureds on the General Liability policy. Additionally, Auburn University, 7440 East Dr. #107, Montgomery, AL 36117, shall be named the certificate holder.
    1. The insurance coverages required under this contract are minimum limits required and are not intended to limit the responsibility or liability of the organization. If any subcontractor is used to fulfill this contract, they or the organization on their behalf, shall carry the same coverage and limits of insurance outlined herein. It shall be the organization’s responsibility to ensure compliance of this requirement.
    2. The policy minimums are $1,000,000 each for the following: Commercial General Liability General Aggregate (including Products & Completed Operations), Each Occurrence, Automobile Liability (combined single limit), Workers Compensation for Each Accident, for Disease-policy limit, and for Disease-each employee.
    3. All insurance coverage shall be issued by an insurer licensed by the Insurance Commissioner to conduct business in the State of Alabama and have a minimum current A.M. Best rating of A.
    4. Each policy shall be endorsed to provide that the policy not be canceled, non-renewed, changed or allowed to lapse for any reason without thirty (30) days of written notice to Auburn University at Montgomery. Insurance policies meeting the requirements stated above shall be maintained for the duration of the contracted event.
    5. AUM shall be entitled, upon request and without expense, to receive copies of policies and endorsements thereto and may make any reasonable requests for deletion or revision or modification or particular policy terms, conditions, limitations, or exclusions except where policy provisions are established by law or regulations binding upon either of the parties or to underwriting on such policies.
    6. All groups shall inform Conference and Campus Services for Auburn University at Montgomery of all incidents and/or accidents that occur on AUM premises or that might otherwise give rise to a claim against AUM and shall be responsible for providing appropriate written notification. Such notification shall be provided as soon as reasonably possible but will not exceed twenty four (24) hours after organization is aware of the incident/accident.
    7. Due to the nature of some activities, Auburn University at Montgomery reserves the right to require additional limits of liability coverage. 
    8. Auburn University at Montgomery does not assume any liability for articles that are stolen, misplaced or left on University property.
    9. All contractors and subcontractors you hire for this event are subject to the same coverages and limits of insurance outlined above.
  10. AUM has no responsibility for the safety and/or security of anyone participating in your event except as may arise from the negligence of the University.
  11. Smoking or any use of tobacco is prohibited in any campus building or in any location on campus grounds.  AUM is a tobacco-free campus.
  12. No use or possession of any alcoholic beverage or illegal drug is permitted on campus or in campus buildings.
  13. Auburn Montgomery’s facilities will be accessible to all who desire to attend. If you or your guests have a disability that might require special materials, services, or assistance, please indicate those needs when applying for space.
  14. PARKING: Parking is allowed in all white-line areas on the AUM Campus. However, parking in orange, yellow, and blue areas is NOT allowed. Anyone who parks in these areas without the appropriate sticker/tag will be ticketed. Spaces may be assigned by AUM Conference and Campus Services specifically for the event based on the number of expected attendees. Failure to adhere to assigned parking may result in additional fees and/or ticketing.
  15. The external organization shall adhere to the AUM Minors on Campus Policy, if applicable.
  16. This agreement shall be construed according to the laws of the state of Alabama.