Final Exam Schedule


Final Exams are held on the last day of class.


Final Exams for Fall 2018


Full Term Courses



Dec. 6

Dec. 10

Dec. 11

Dec. 12


1st Period T/TH

1st Period M/W

2nd Period T/TH

2nd Period M/W

10:45 – 1:15

3rd Period T/TH

3rd Period M/W

4th Period T/TH

4th Period M/W

1:30 – 4

5th Period T/TH

5th Period M/W

6th Period T/TH

6th Period M/W

5 – 7:30

7th Period T/TH

7th Period M/W

8th Period T/TH

8th Period M/W

7:45 – 10:15

9th Period T/TH

9th Period M/W

10th Period T/TH

10th Period M/W



Half Term Courses

The final exams in 1st half and 2nd half term classes are on the last day of class.

Class Meeting Times