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Relay Services

The Alabama Public Service Commission and Sprint have teamed up to offer relay services for the deaf, hard of hearing, and individuals with speech difficulties.


The number for relay services is 7-1-1

Alternatively, you can use these more specific services listed below.

1-800-548-2546 for TTY/ASCII

1-800-548-2547 for Voice

1-800-548-0259 for Voice Carry-Over

1-800-548-2928 for Speech-to-Speech

1-800-548-8317 for Spanish (TTY/Voice)

1-900-646-4323 for 900 services.

The Sprint Relay Customer Service number is 1-800-676-3777 and utilizes TTY, Voice, and ASCII communications.

For more information on relay services please visit the NAD Relay Services information page.

Feel free to call CDS through the relay service. Our number is 334-244-3631 or email us: