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Test Proctoring Report

Test Proctoring Report

Below you will find the entry fields for the proctor request web form. Please fill out all fields and use the submit button at the end to ensure that your form is submitted properly. You will be contacted via email to confirm that your test form has been received.

Important Advisories!

Please note that there is one week's (5 business days) minimum advanced notice required for your test proctoring request to be valid. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please contact us at cds@aum.edu or (334) 244-3631.

Regarding test scheduling times: If you are planning to schedule tests earlier or later in the day than when the test is normally administered in the classroom then you will need to come to the office to fill out and have your professor sign an "Exam Time Change" form.

Student Name


AUM Email

Please use ONLY your AUM email.

Course Title/Section

Example: COMM 1010-A

Instructor's Name


Accommodations Requested for Exam

Please list all accommodations that you will requesting to use during this exam. Example: Enlarged print, sound machine, voice recognition. Multiple lines are allowed.

Date of Exam to be proctored

Be sure to put the date that your instructor will be giving the exam to the rest of your class.