Transferring Credits from Other Institutions

The Statewide Transfer and Articulation Reporting System provides guidelines for course credit value transfers between undergraduate programs. Students who already have or plan to transfer to AUM need to understand how many of their existing credits from other institutions will transfer to AUM and satisfy our program requirements. This information is also helpful to students who are considering taking courses at other institutions during the summer semester.

Area V Menu: Major Requirements

AUM undergraduate majors that have specific degree and program requirements (Area V requirements) are listed below:

STARS: Statewide Transfer and Articulation Reporting System

Note: Not all classes listed on the AGSC approved transfer guide are listed on the AUM transfer guide. However, these courses will fulfill Area I-IV (core curriculum) requirements.


    • Select your desired course of study from the list below.
    • Print the appropriate document and attach it to your AGSC Approved Transfer Guide.


College of Arts and Sciences: College of Education
Biology: Kinesiology:
General Biology Exercise Science
Health Science Physical Education
Molecular Sport Management
Public Health & Microbiology  
  Secondary Education:
Fine Arts: English Language Arts
Art History General Science
Graphic Design History/Social Science
Studio Art Mathematics
Visual Art  
  Special Education:
Chemistry Collaborative Teacher K-6
  Collaborative Teacher 6-12
Communication: Early Childhood Special Education
Theatre College of Nursing and Health Sciences
  Medical Laboratory Sciences
Computer Science Nursing
  Communication Disorders
  College of Public Policy and Justice
Environmental Science: Economics
Geographic Information Systems Justice & Public Safety:
Health & Toxicology Criminal Law
  Legal Studies
  Organizational Leadership
Interdisciplinary Studies  
  Political Science
World Languages & Cultures:  
Dual Language  
International Trade  
Chinese, French, German, Spanish  
College of Business  

Transfer Students are eligible to apply to AUM's University Honors Program.