Registration Cancellation | AUM

Registration Cancellation

Registered students' class schedules for the academic term will be canceled if charges for that semester are not paid by the cancellation date. Charges are due by the registration cancellation deadline. Any accounts with unpaid balances on the fifth calendar day of the term who have not signed up for the payment plan will be subject to registration cancellation.


  • If your schedule is canceled as a result of registration cancellation, you may re-register if the balance is paid in full and written permission is obtained from the instructor and the department head.

Note: Once your classes have been canceled, there is no guarantee the courses you wanted will be available when you re-register.


If you receive financial aid (federal and state aid, scholarships, third party tuition payment, military assistance, PACT, etc.) for the semester at issue, you will not be subject to cancellation for that portion of your fees covered by financial aid. If you receive partial financial aid, you are subject to registration cancellation. If your schedule is not cancelled because financial aid has been offered, you will be responsible for the outstanding balance if the aid is not accepted. You must ensure that all financial documentation reflecting the semester’s financial aid is current with the Office of Student Accounts.

Returned Checks

AUM will accept checks for fees and charges subject to final payment. If the bank on which the check is drawn returns the check unpaid, you will be assessed a handling charge. AUM has the right, but not the obligation, to redeposit any returned check without notice to the student and maker.

  • Costs necessary for the collection of any debt to the university will be charged to and paid by the debtor. 
  • Stop payment and account-closed checks will be processed as returned items and will be subject to the same fees and collection costs.

Placing a stop payment on a check does not constitute withdrawal from courses.