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Philosophy Minor

Program Description

Students minoring in Philosophy will learn about the western philosophical heritage and the different areas of philosophical inquiry. They will develop skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking. They should learn to appreciate the contributions of philosophy to Western culture and the importance of philosophical thinking.

For More Information

Department of English and Philosophy
Dr. John Havard
Auburn University at Montgomery

Program Overview

The course listings below are a representation of what this minor requires. Students may have to take additional courses to fulfill the pre-requisites of the required courses.

Course # Course Name
PHIL 2000 Reasoning and Critical Thinking
PHIL 2010 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2030 Logic
PHIL 2100 Applied Ethics
PHIL 3002 Studies in Philosophy
PHIL 3200 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 3310 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 3320 Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 3330 Modern Philosophy
PHIL 3340 Twentieth-Century Philosophy
PHIL 3700 Symbolic Logic
PHIL 4110 God and Morality
PHIL 4150 Issues in Bioethics
PHIL 4200 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 4210 Philosophical Theology
PHIL 4220 C.S. Lewis and Philosophy
PHIL 4972 Special Topics in Philosophy