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Teaching and Learning Resources

At AUM, we work hard to create a true culture of learning that applies to everyone and is an essential element of academic excellence. Teaching and Learning Resources enhance our abilities through professional development, collaborative services and innovative programs. 

Article: Unskilled and Unaware in the Classroom

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  • serving as the nucleus of AUM’s support of teaching excellence,
  • creating a high level of awareness among AUM faculty of Teaching and Learning Resources,
  • delivering high-quality programs and services,
  • offering individual and group support to faculty in designing, teaching, and assessing their courses, including the effective use of technology,
  • recognizing and rewarding excellence in teaching,
  • cultivating a sense of community across disciplines, united by a common concern for teaching and student learning.


AUM Connected: Common Reading Program

All incoming freshman read together throughout the year an AUM Connected book in their UNIV 1000 course. Upperclassmen are also encouraged to participate. This "group read" will engage students in a common academic and social experience that connects them to the university and faculty and to their peers through a campus tradition. It will also introduce students to college-level discussions in a non-threatening setting and include them in an academic experience outside of class.

AUM Connected also gives AUM students, faculty, staff and members of the local community an opportunity to interact in meaningful conversations related to contemporary social and cultural issues.

Faculty Development Institute

The Faculty Development Institute (FDI) provides professional development activities for full-time faculty on effectively and efficiently integrating technology into their teaching. FDI is home to AUM’s online teaching certification program, Developing and Delivering Online Instruction, which provides robust training opportunities for faculty members who were interested in teaching online courses. Learn about Online Teaching Requirements.