Staff Council


Welcome to 2017-18 AUM Staff Council!

As the President I am very excited to work with all of you.  We are the advocate for all staff members at AUM. We support variety of activities and initiatives to improve the quality and effectiveness of AUM’s dedicated and valuable staff members. Please remember that we are One Staff …. One Voice.  Through different activities presented here, you can find the information you need to get involved with the Staff Council.

Kendra Morris
Staff Council President

Staff Council Officers

Iyisha Hampton
Housing and Residence Life
Danitra Tolbert
Financial Aid
Past President
Kendra Morris
Registrar's Office
Sandra Vigilant 
Online and Digital Learning
Lori Nielsen
Procurement & Payment Services

Higher Education Partnership

Staff Council Unit Representatives 

Unit 1 - Clement Hall
Becky Williamson
College of Business

Unit 1 - Clement Hall


Unit 2 - Education Building



Unit 2 - Education Building
Shinae Yoon
College of Education

Unit 3 - Athletics
Susan Terino

Unit 4 - Liberal Arts
Michelle Johnson
Comm./Dramatic Arts-3379
Unit 5 - Goodwyn Hall
Unit 5 - Goodwyn Hall
Tonya Sexton
Psychology - 3306
Unit 6 - Nursing
Unit 7 - Admin Building
Robin Forester
Provost Office - 3600
Unit 8 - Library Tower
Wendy Taylor
Unit 8 - Library Tower
Anna Ganey
Financial Affairs - 3260

Unit 9 - Taylor Center

Unit 9 - Taylor Center
Lastella Paradise
Financial Aid - 3571

Unit 9 - Taylor Center
Valencia Williams
Enrollment Management
Unit 10 - Facilities
Mae Davis
Custodial Services - 3685

Unit 12 - Public Policy & Justice
Kathryn Ashmore
Goodwyn Hall

Unit 13 - SummaSource
Kimberly Smith
Center for Lifelong Learning
Unit 11 & 15 - ROTC/Bailey Building/Halcyon Summit
Dee Long
1255 Bell Road - 3528
Unit 14 - Wellness Center
Yolanda York
Wellness Center - 3584

Staff Spotlight of the Month



Jenise Jenkins

AUM Department

Center for Disability Services


Senior Program Associate

How long have you worked at AUM?

6 years, 2 months

What is your most memorable experience on campus?

The 2012 grand opening of the Confucius Institute was absolutely breathtaking. I enjoyed every minute of it.

If this honor came with an all expense paid vacation, where would you go?


Tell us one person that inspires you in your daily life and why.

The person that inspires me in my daily life is my husband of 31 years, Claude Jenkins. He keeps me laughing (just take a look at my Facebook) and loves our family like no other. Claude truly has a servant's heart. His love for God, family and life in general is contagious. He makes me a better person.