About Us

The Staff Council represents all employees at Auburn University at Montgomery below the rank of Vice Chancellor who do not hold an academic appointment. The Staff Council shall serve in a positive and constructive way to effect beneficial changes by serving in an advisory capacity to the administration. 

The Staff Council shall promote better understanding, cooperation and communication among all constituent groups of Auburn University at Montgomery. The Staff Council shall endorse the mission and goals of Auburn University at Montgomery.

The Staff Council includes unit representatives, elected to provide balanced representation of staff from all campus units, the Steering Committee (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, two Members-at-Large, and the immediate Past President), and Past Presidents Committee. All of these members shall hold voting privileges. The Staff Council shall meet during regular working hours bimonthly beginning in September and ending in May. The Steering Committee shall meet one week prior to the Staff Council meetings and when called by the President.

Staff Council is excited to announce that we are assembling ad-hoc committees and renewing standing committees to address the needs and interests of our staff members while supporting the mission of AUM. 

Communication and Website Committee

This committee will re-design and keep the Staff Council website up to date. Staff members should be able to go the website to find the Staff Council calendar, meeting minutes, photographs of recent events, list of Unit Reps and officers and contact information, and by-laws, etc. We need to make our site user friendly! 

Employee Recognition Program Committee 

This committee needs to take a closer look at how Staff Council can recognize staff contributions and service at AUM.  This committee will explore how to incorporate our Core Values into the recognition program. This committee administers the Staff Council Scholarship.

Staff Development Committee 

This committee will develop Unit Representative training for summer 2014. This committee will identify one or two seminars, workshops, or continuing education opportunities that were requested in the staff survey and that the staff will find interesting. 

Social Committee

This committee plans the Staff Council Holiday Luncheon and will re-design the Spring Fling. The Holiday Luncheon is our favorite event and needs many volunteers. The Spring Fling needs to be re-designed and everything from the date, time, and theme are up for consideration in order to make the event accessible for our staff members. This committee is responsible for the AUM Sprit Day, which is complete for this school year. 

By Laws of the Staff Council 2000