Desktop and End User Support

Desktop and End User Support is dedicated to providing premium desktop computer support to the AUM community.  The most common services provided include: 

  • Hardware/software troubleshooting and support for office desktop and laptop machines.
  • Printer troubleshooting and repair 
  • Installation of standard software image (system setup) on office PCs.
  • Software installed at time of setup
  • PC computer network setups
  • Network and local printer setups
  • Hardware and software purchasing recommendations


Computer Requirements to Connect to the Campus Network:

In order to connect your computer to the AUM network, you must have at least a 10-baseT Ethernet card.  A 10/100 is the recommended card.  You will also need a 10/100 Ethernet Cable to connect your computer to a port in your dorm room.

Wireless Connection to the Campus Network:

Wireless is available throughout the academic building, Taylor Center and the Library.  Your laptop will need an 8.2.11a, b, or g capability.

Not Recommended:

Celeron is the value end processor and while it is cost effective, it is not as powerful as a Pentium 4.  Pentium 4 and the AMD counterparts are better choices for a computer that will last. 

Not Permitted:

AUM does not allow students to connect wireless routers or access points to the network.  These devices interfere with the functionality of  AUM's network.  Since the wireless connection is provided for you these devices are not necessary.