Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (AROTC)

Army ROTC is an Equal Opportunity program. We welcome all full-time students to try out the program and participate in our many activities. All eligible and qualified students have an opportunity to pursue an officer's commission, regardless of gender, race or religion. ROTC promotes a physically fit lifestyle and provides a drug-free environment.

Army ROTC Cadets take a regular schedule of classes and have an academic major. Once a week they meet as a group for leadership laboratory, along with their regular ROTC academic class instruction. During lab, Cadets wear the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) and conduct military and leadership training. Students can take ROTC as an elective course or pursue the entire program, which culminates in a commission as a Second Lieutenant—an Army Officer.

Nursing Program
If you’re considering an undergraduate Nursing degree (or other STEM-type degree), enrolling in Army ROTC can enhance your leadership skills and critical thinking abilities while providing financial support to help make your professional goals a reality.

Being a Nurse in the Army provides you with benefits not found in the civilian world. As an Army Nurse and Officer, you will have the respect of your peers and co-workers, as well as opportunities to train and serve in a variety of specialties domestically and abroad.

Your Commitment
Army ROTC students who receive an Army ROTC scholarship or enter the Army ROTC Advanced Course must agree to complete a period of service with the Army. You can serve full time in the Army for three years (four years for scholarship winners) or choose to serve part time in the U.S. Army Reserve or Army National Guard while pursuing a civilian career. Enrolling in the Army ROTC Basic Course does NOT involve a commitment of service to the Army unless you have received an Army ROTC Scholarship.

Army ROTC Information


(334) 244-3669
1255 Bell Road
Montgomery AL, 36117

AROTC Contacts

Joe Masarik

Recruiting Operations Officer



Dee Long

Senior Program Associate


Air Force Reserve Officer Training (AFROTC)

As part of a consortium with Alabama State University, you can attend Auburn University at Montgomery and get your Commission as a 2ndLt in the United States Air Force upon graduation. 

The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) provides you the opportunity to become a United States Air Force officer while completing your college degree. The program, combining traditional undergraduate education with military instruction, will prepare you to tackle the leadership challenges awaiting the Air Force in the 21st century.  You will get an undergraduate degree in the subject of your choice while you learn discipline and leadership and work toward a commission as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force.


Air Force ROTC Program

The General Military Course is for freshmen and sophomores. Here, in addition to your other college classes, you’ll take classes in airpower and Air Force fundamentals. You’ll attend physical training (PT) twice a week and learn uniform wear and drill ceremonies. You’ll also attend a training course the summer between your sophomore and junior year. This training takes place at Maxwell Air Force Base and focuses on leadership and problem solving skills. If you’re not on an Air Force ROTC scholarship, this is a great time to try out the program with no obligation.

At the start of your junior year, you’ll contract with the Air Force and join the Professional Officer Course. During your last two years you’ll receive a monthly allowance/stipend while you focus on leadership training, cadet corps management, and preparation for active duty.

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Find money for school, books and monthly expenses with an Air Force ROTC scholarship. Learn more:

Air Force ROTC

(334) 229-4305
Mailing Address: 915 S. Jackson Street, Montgomery, AL 36104
Physical Address: 1235 Carter Hill Road, Montgomery, AL 36104

AFROTC Contact

Tyesha K. McBride, Capt, USAF
Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies
Recruiting Officer
Air Force ROTC Detachment 019
Alabama State University
(334) 229-7756