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Name Title Department Phone Email
Henderson, Timothy Distinguished Research Professor and Department Chair History & World Languages & Cultures 334-244-3239
Hendricks, Allison Coordinator of Admissions Events Admissions and Recruitment 334-244-3067
Highfield, Lisa Director Early Learning Center 334-244-3772
Hines, Paige Senior Administrative Associate Library 334-244-3201
Hinkle, JeRodney Program Associate Outreach 334-244-3088
Hoff, SFC. Robert Instructor Military Science/ROTC 334-244-3729
Hogan, Jan Associate Professor Curriculum Instruction and Technology 334-244-3367
Hogans, Arnesha Coordinator Career Development Center 334-244-3344
Holley, Adam User Services Associate Information Technology Services 334-244-3998
Holley, Layne Communications Manager Strategic Communications and Marketing 334-244-3642
Holley, Stacy Administrative Associate Business Administration 334-244-3509
Hollis, Victoria Adjunct Instructor English & Philosophy
Holmes, Brad Event Coordinator College of Business 334-244-3713
Horne, Twila Adjunct Instructor Mathematics & Computer Science 334-244-3677
Houston, Andree Assistant AD for Compliance Athletics 334-244-3152
Howard, Kenya Program Manager Business & Community Initiatives 334-244-3970
Howard, Nicholas Assistant Professor Political Science & Public Administration 334-244-3177
Howard, Shannon Assistant Professor/Director, Master of Teaching Writing program English & Philosophy 334-394-5425
Huang, Cheng-Chi Associate Professor Mathematics & Computer Science 334-244-3320
Hudman, Sandy Administrative Supervisor Online and Digital Learning 334-244-3124
Hughes, Amy Administrative Associate Fine Arts 334-244-3377
Hughes, David Assistant Professor Political Science & Public Administration 334-244-3594
Hughes, Joel Director Student Involvement and Leadership 334-244-3279
Hughes, Megan Senior Manager for Marketing & Communications College of Business 334-244-3778
Hutchison, John Assistant Professor Chemistry 334-244-3522
Ingram, Amy UNIV Program Manager Warhawk Academic Success Center 334 244-3153
Ingram, Rhea Dean/Professor College of Business 334-244-3476
Ioimo, Ralph Head/Associate Professor Justice & Public Safety 334-244-3691
Irwin, Katherine Adjunct Communication & Theatre 334-244-3379
Jackson, Charles Senior Lecturer Business Administration 334-244-3518
Jackson, Major Joel Assistant Instructor of Military Science Military Science/ROTC 334-244-3669
Jackson, Marcia Adjunct Instrutor Curriculum Instruction and Technology 334-244-3415
Jackson, Sonya Communications Operator Strategic Communications and Marketing 334-244-3000
Jacobs, Jennifer Adjunct Instructor English & Philosophy 334-244-3376
Jaye, Vinson Adjunct Instructor English & Philosophy 334-244-3376
Jefferson, Barbara Adjunct Instructor Mathematics & Computer Science 334-244-3677
Jefferson, Marilyn Administrative Associate Advancement 334-244-3369
Jenkins, Brittaney Administrative Associate College of Nursing & Health Sciences 334-394-5364
Jenkins, Jenise Senior Program Associate Center for Disability Services 334-244-3631
Jennings, Linda Adjunct Instructor Biology 334-244-3316
Jensen, Suzanne Associate Professor Fine Arts 334-244-3361
Jia, Alice Student Services Coordinator Provost Office 334-244-3121
John, Raleigh Telcom Tech Information Technology Services 334-244-3899
Johnson, Beth Senior Financial Associate Business & Community Initiatives 334-244-3839
Johnson, Brian E. Assistant Professor of Geography Sociology, Anthropology, & Geography 334 244-3291
Johnson, Heather Conference Services 334-244-3562
Johnson, Kimberly Associate Dean for Student Engagement and Success College of Business 334-244-3398
Johnson, Michelle Administrative Associate Communication & Theatre 334-244-3379
Johnson, Phill Dean Library 334-244-3202
Johnson, Raymond Professor Business Administration 334-244-3493