People Finder

Name Title Department Phone Email
Sahinoglu, A Suna Lecturer Chemistry 334 244-3315
Sampsell, Kyle Assistant Athletic Director/Health and Well Being Athletics 334 244-3234
Sanders, Chasity Area Coordinator Housing and Residence Life 334-394-5216
Savage, Melissa Adjunct School of Nursing 334-244-3658
Scanlan, Carley Orientation Coordinator Orientation and Transitions 334-244-3158
Schaefer, George Department Head/Associate Professor Kinesiology 334-244-3887
Schmaeman, Cynthia Lab Coordinator Biology, Environmental Sciences, and GIS 334-244-3988
Schofield, Nick Client Service Provider Advanced Technologies 334-244-3090
Schone, Micaela Adjunct Communication & Theatre 334-244-3379
Schubert, Matthew M. Assistant Professor Kinesiology 334-244-3161
Scott, Amanda Librarian II Library 334-244-3684
Sealy, Martha Administrative Assistant Communication Disorders 334-244-3408
Sears, Towanna Manager Post Award Activities Sponsored Programs 334-244-3734
Seay, Rhonda Senior Lecturer/ Masters of Accountancy Advisor School of Accountancy 334-244-3115
Seibel, Neil David Associate Professor/Director of Performance Studies Communication & Theatre 334-244-3143
Seigenthaler, Kris Assistant Women Basketball Coach Athletics 334-244-3366
Severance, Benjamin Distinguished Research Professor and Department Chair History & World Languages & Cultures 334-244-3761
Sexton, Tonya Administrative Associate Psychology 334-244-3306
Shao, Wanyun Assistant Professor Sociology 334-244-3412
Shaw, Audrey EARN & Graduate Advising & Recruiting Manager College of Nursing and Health Sciences 334-244-3527
Sheldon, Craig Professor Emeritus Sociology 334-244-3765
Shelley, Tami Assistant Professor Curriculum Instruction and Technology 334-244-3902
Shelton, Rachelle Adjunct Instructor Medical & Clinical Lab Sciences 334-244-3790
Shifferd, Jason Lecturer English and Philosophy 334-244-3151
Shimaz, Emily International Enrollment Manager Global Initiatives 334-244-3892
Shumack, Kellie Department Head/Professor Curriculum Instruction and Technology 334-244-3737
Si, Emma Assistant Professor Chemistry (334)-244-3334
Simmons, Kate Professor Counselor, Leadership & Special Education 334-244-3590
Simmons, Michael Distinguished Research Professor History & World Languages & Cultures 334-244-3222
Simms, Melissa Adjunct English and Philosophy 334-244-3376
Simpkins, Daphne Adjunct English and Philosophy 334-244-3376
Simpson, Carl Computer Application Specialist Information Technology Services 334-244-3876
Sims, Clayton Lecturer English and Philosophy 334-244-3150
Singleton, Tabitha Library Associate Library 334-244-5213
Sirota, Eli Assistant Sports Information Director Athletics 334-244-3540
Slade, Katherine Clinical Instructor and Audiologist Communication Disorders 334-244-3355
Slipp, Naomi Assistant Professor Fine Arts 334-244-3112
Smith, Calvin Police Officer Campus Police 334-244-3424
Smith, Carly Program Associate Financial Aid 334-244-3571
Smith, Claudia Audit and Insurance Coordinator Procurement & Payment Services 334-244-3864
Smith, Donna Lecturer English and Philosophy 334-244-3150
Smith, Kimberly Program Manager SummaSource, Training Solutions 334-244-3080
Smith, Luke Assistant Professor Curriculum Instruction and Technology 334-244-3438
Smith, MarNicka Learning Community Coordinator Warhawk Academic Success Center 334-244-3873
Smith, Walter Associate Professor School of Accountancy 334-244-3496
Solomon, Jeffery Police Officer Campus Police 334-244-3424
Sparks, Jana Assistant Professor Counselor, Leadership & Special Education 334-244-3147
Speirs, Sissy Bridge Program Manager Warhawk Academic Success Center 334-244-3473
Spivey, Carra Financial Aid Coordinator Financial Aid 334-244-3884
Spivey, Catherine Adjunct English and Philosophy 334-244-3376