Card, Melissa

TitleCertification Officer/Director of Field and Clinical Programs
DepartmentCollege of Education
OfficeCollege of Education Admin
Office Hours8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday
Office Location301 Education Bldg


Aftergraduating from Auburn University Montgomery (AUM), College ofEducation with a degree in Mild Learning Disabilities/Behavior Disorders, MelissaCard completed the Master’s and Education Specialist programs at the AUM with concentrations in Learning Disabilities andCollaborative Teacher.  She has Alabama certifications inInstructional Leadership (K-12), Collaborative Special Education (6-12), and MildLearning Disabilities/Behavior Disorders (P-12). She earned a Doctorate ofPhilosophy in Administration Supervision of Curriculum: EducationalFoundations, Leadership and Technology from Auburn University and herprofessional experiences in education include being a classroom teacher inpublic school and the Department of Youth Services, program manager for theSoutheast Regional Resource Center, trainer for The Alabama Positive BehaviorSupports Center, and program manager for AUM COE graduate school.  Now, as Director of Student Servicesand Teacher Certification Office in the College of Education at AuburnUniversity at Montgomery, Melissa draws upon her academic preparation andexperiences in leadership, instruction, and technology to provide opportunitiesfor future teachers and instructional leaders.


Education(2015) Ph.D. Administration and Supervision of Curriculum
(2004) Ed.S. Collaborative Teacher (6-12)
(1999) Master's Mild Learning/Behavior Disorders (N-12) Educational Leadership Certification
(1997) B.S. Mild Learning/Behavior Disorders