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Last updated: May 2016

Faculty Handbook

i. Note

This Faculty Handbook is not a contract.  It is a collection of policies and procedures that govern action uniquely pertaining to the Auburn University at Montgomery faculty.  Additions, deletions and modifications to any portion of this Handbook must be approved by the Faculty Senate. Changes to the Promotion and Tenure or Dismissal Guidelines must be approved by the Auburn Board of Trustees or their designee.

Table of Contents

Part I – The University: General Information
A. History
B. University Vision Statement
C. Mission of the University
D. University Identity and Core Values
Part II – Policies Pertaining to the Workplace

Part III – Faculty Council Constitution
(Approved by Senate  March 21, 2014, Approved by President Gouge April 10, 2015)
Article I: Purpose of the Faculty Council
Article II: Faculty Council
Article III: Faculty Senate
Article IV: Committees
Article V: Procedures
Article VI: Adoption
Article VII: Amendments
Part IV – Faculty Personnel Policies and Procedures
(T&P approved by Senate 4-8-2011, approved by Board of Trustees 6-17-2011)
(Dismissal approved by Senate 4-9-2012, approved by Board of Trustees 11-16-2012)
A. Kinds of Appointment
B. Appointment to the Faculty
C. Academic Ranks
D. Faculty Workload Policy
E. Class Scheduling Guidelines
F. Periodic Performance Review
G. Third Year Review for Probationary Faculty
H. University Committee on Promotion and Tenure
I. Criteria and Procedures for Promotion
J. Criteria and Procedures for Tenure
K. Policies and Procedures for Appointment, Tenure, and Promotion of Librarians
With Faculty Rank
L. Appeals Procedures for Promotion and Tenure Decisions
M. Post-tenure Review
N. Non-Continuation of Appointment
O. Dismissal
P. Termination Because of Financial Exigency
Q. Appointment and Tenure of More Than One Member of the Same Family
R. Professional Improvement Leave of Absence
S. Faculty Grievance Procedure