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Auburn University at Montgomery Copyright Regulations

Issued by: Chief Information Officer

Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM) is committed to upholding U.S. copyright law. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a provision establishing limitation of liability for infringement of copyright laws by users of computing resources at institutions of higher education. In compliance with the rules of this act, the University has designated an agent to receive statutory notices from copyright owners about infringements and to send statutory notices to affected subscribers. AUM’s designated agent is:

Rickey Best
Collections Development Librarian
PO Box 244023
Montgomery, AL 36124-4023

Penalties for copyright infringement at AUM include but are not limited to temporary restriction of network privileges, permanent restriction of network privileges, and criminal prosecution (see also P2P File Sharing Policy).

For more information on copyrights, refer to the following sites:

Some alternative sites that offer legal file sharing include:

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