2012 Gen. Eisenhower National Security Series

April 2-4, 2012

Moore Hall Auditorium, Auburn University at Montgomery




The theme “Engaging National Security Policy and Challenges: Military and Civilian Perspectives” will be at the forefront of two panel discussions at the 2012 Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower National Security Series: College Program to be held at Auburn Montgomery, April 2-4, 2012. This annual program is coordinated by Dr. Kalu N. Kalu of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration.

The Eisenhower Series College Program is an academic outreach program established by the Department of the Army to encourage dialogue on national security and other public policy issues between personnel and students of the U. S. Army War College and the civilian public, with emphasis on students and faculty at academic institutions throughout the United States.

The program provides a broad and unique series of fora to discuss and debate contemporary and future national security issues; examines and advances ways to focus the instruments of national power more effectively; and broadens the experience of mid-level and senior Army leaders through exposure to diverse issues, institutions, and perspectives. Ultimately, both the officers and the public benefit from an open, honest and frank exchange on significant issues of national and international concern.


Monday, April 2, 6:30-9 p.m.

Opening Remarks: Dr. John G. Veres III, Chancellor, Auburn Montgomery


 Panel 1: Evolving Strategic Options

1.  Col. Alfred F. Abramson III (US Army): 

“Balancing the U. S. Defense Strategy”

2. Col. Jonathan T. Neumann (US Army):

“The All-Volunteer Force: Relationship between the Military and the Public”

3. Ms. Saiko Miyamoto (Dept. of the Army):

 “Leveraging ‘Smart’ Power: America’s Diplomatic Capacity as a Strategic Doctrine”

Q & A follows

Moderator: Capt. Stephen Krotow (USN), Director, Eisenhower National Security Series, U. S. Army War College


Tuesday, April 3, 6:30-9:00 pm

Panel 2: Policy and Operational Challenges

1. Lt. Col. Curtis Mason (USMC)

“Dimensions of Counterterrorism Operations in Iraq”

2. CDR Michael S. Matis (USN):

“Maritime Piracy and its Strategic Impact”

3. Col Alfred F. Abramson III (US Army)

“Nuclear Threats and WMDs”

4. Ms. Saiko Miyamoto (Dept. of the Army)

“U. S. Japanese Relations: Necessity or Expediency”

Q & A follows

Moderator: Capt. Stephen Krotow (USN), Director, Eisenhower National Security Series, U. S. Army War College

For more information, please contact the University Coordinator Dr. Kalu N. Kalu, Department of Political Science & Public Administration, 334-244-3695, kkalu@aum.edu.

Please also visit: http://www.carlisle.army.mil/usawc/dnss/eisenhower/eisenhower.htm