Registrar's Office


Students nearing completion of their degree requirements should apply for graduation when registering for their final term.

Application Process

    1. Meet with your advisor and confirm that you are on track to graduate at the end of the term. 
    2. Complete the online Graduation Application through MYAUM/Webster account by the deadline to apply for the current semester.  A confirmation page will be displayed showing your application has been accepted.  It is highly recommended that you print this page for your own records.
    3. Pay the non-refundable graduation fee ($55 for undergraduates and $73 for graduate students). This fee will be posted to your student account.  Please keep in mind that this won't happen until a few weeks after the posted graduation deadline each semester. 
    4. All relevant information concerning graduation will be sent to you by e-mail.  Please be sure to frequently check your AUM e-mail.  All graduation communication will go through AUM email addresses only.

University regulations require that all degree candidates be enrolled during the term of graduation. If a student fails to graduate in the term for which application is made, the applicant must reapply in a subsequent term. (The graduation fee will not be assessed for reapplication.)

If you have additional questions concerning graduation, call 334-244-3125.

Fall Graduation Deadline is August 29, 2014.

Please contact your advisor with any questions about graduation.


Graduation Day Information

Fall graduation will be December 20, 2014.
There will be two ceremonies at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Rotation Times for the Schools for Graduation:

10:00am:    Business & Education
 2:00pm:     Liberal Arts, Nursing & Science




Instructions for Graduates

Order Cap & Gown

Your cap & gown is pre-ordered by the AUM Bookstore. There is no additional charge for the cap & gown.

Pick Up Cap & Gown

You must pick up your cap and gown before the graduation ceremony from the AUM Bookstore. The Bookstore is open after the graduation ceremony.

Pick Up Honor Cord

If you qualify for academic honors designation, you may pick up your cord at the Commencement Meeting before the ceremony. If you are receiving a cord from another organization, pick it up from the sponsor before the day of commencement.

Special Needs

If you have a disability and require assistance, contact the Registrar's Office at 334-244-3125.

Appropriate Dress for the Ceremony

Candidates should wear black clothing under the gown. Men should wear black trousers, black socks and black dress shoes with a white shirt. Women should wear a black or white blouse and black skirt with sensible black dress shoes. (You will be doing a lot of walking.)

The tassel on your mortar board hangs on the right of the cap as you enter the ceremony. During the ceremony when the degrees are conferred, you will move it to the left.

Pre-Commencement Meeting
There is a pre-commencement meeting at 8:30am in 230 Taylor Center for the 10:00am graduation ceremony.  There is a pre-commencement meeting at 12:30pm in 230 Taylor Center for the 2:00pm graduation ceremony.

Instructions for Guests

If you are planning to attend the commencement ceremony, click here to find out more about the ceremony and how you can help make it the most memorable day possible for you and your graduate.

Friends and family who are unable to attend graduation can
view the ceremony via a live stream here.