About OSP

Fariba Deravi

Fariba S. Deravi, Director of Sponsored Programs

    • The director provides support and guidance for grant proposal identification, development, and submission;
    • Provides support for/and oversight of PI's grant reporting requirements;
    • Coordinates and manages the activities of the AUM Research Council;
    • Provides opportunities for education and training;
    • Completes and submits required reports and establishes internal control measures;
    • Manages unit in a manner to ensure efficient operations and fiscal accountability;
    • Communicates the purpose, policies, and successes of the Office of Sponsored Programs. 

 Debra Tomblin

Research Compliance Manager: Debra G. Tomblin 334-244-3250

    • The RCM maintains the Office of Research Compliance within the Office of Sponsored Programs;
    • Pre-Award (IRB) Research Administrator;
    • Coordinates training and encourages faculty grant submission;
    • Contact point for IRB CITI training;
    • Manage and coordinate the departmental information;.