Warhawk Academic Success Center
  • AUM Student Celebrate Student Success with Curtiss in the WASC
  • Students Present Their Midterm Posters for Their UNIV 1000 Class
  • Dr. Veres welcomes students to the WASC at its Grand Opening
  • AUM Students Celebrate the WASC's Birthday
    AUM Students Celebrate the WASC's First Birthday
  • AUM Student Reads in the WASC
  • Students eat refreshments in front of the Learning Center located in the WASC
  • Julie Valdez and Sissy Speirs Welcome Students to the WASC
  • AUM Student places his handprint on the wall at the WASC Ribbon Cutting
  • LCF students
  • Hand in hand
  • AJ & Curtiss
  • Group meetings
  • Moving In
  • Getting to know each other
  • Getting involved
  • AUM shirts
  • Hitting the books
  • Time in the common area
  • Meeting Curtiss
  • Out on the town

Got Questions Warhawks? 
 Just WASC! 

Warhawks, ASC your questions at the WASC - your Warhawk Academic Success Center

Located on the 2nd floor of the Ida Belle Young Library Tower

The Warhawk Academic Success Center is home to the Learning Center and the Student Success and Retention Office.  Working together, these two offices serve to support students and their academic success.  Our mission is simple - supporting the academic success of students and their persistence towards graduation. 

For more information regarding the Learning Center please visit the Learning Center webpage. 

The Student Success and Retention office provides student-centered advising and programming. Student Success and Retention advises students through experiences that CHALLENGE them, provide them with academic and personal SUPPORT, and foster their ENGAGEMENT with their coursework, faculty, and campus life. We strive to cultivate the connections, skills, and knowledge among students so that they thrive within, and contribute to, AUM and our surrounding community.

The Student Success and Retention office is home to the Bridge program, Seamless program, Living/Learning Communities, Undeclared Academic Advising, Student Success Advising, and UNIV 1000.