Warhawk Academic Success Center
Undeclared Advising

All students are required to seek the guidance of an academic advisor before registering
for courses. It is the student’s responsibility to meet with his or her assigned academic advisor
prior to course registration for guidance in selecting courses that comply with
his or her specific program/major requirements. In order to register for courses, students
must obtain their advisor’s signed approval of the courses. Once the advisor
gives this approval, the student can obtain personal identification numbers (PINs)
that will allow him or her to register on WEBSTER, AUM’s online registration
program. These PINs will be issued by the advisor or by the advisor’s departmental
administrative assistant.

Degree-seeking students who have not declared a major are advised by the Undeclared
Advisor. Undeclared students at AUM are required to declare a major within
their first 41 semester hours of credit. While classified as undeclared, students must
complete core courses. Since undeclared students will be advised without the direction
of their major, all classes taken as an undeclared student may not be applicable
to the major for which they declare.

Undeclared Advisor:
Julie Valdez 
Ida Belle Young Library Tower, Room 228
(334) 244-3808