Writing Across the Curriculum
General WAC statement for the first page of your WI course syllabi:

AUM’s Writing Across the Curriculum Program

Information on AUM’s Writing Across the Curriculum Program can be found at www.aum.edu/writing. This writing-intensive course is in partial completion of AUM’s 5-course WAC program requirement. Requirements: Because this is a writing-intensive course, students will be required to complete a minimum of 4 written products; students will have opportunities for prewriting, drafting, feedback (peer and/or individual), and revision during the drafting of at least one of these written products.

WAC Intern: All fall and spring content-area writing-intensive courses are assigned a WAC intern to support you with writing instruction, feedback, and improvement. 

Assessment: All students will be rated on their writing skills at the end of the semester using the WAC rubric template: http://www.aum.edu/docs/default-source/Academics-Docs/wac-rubric-template.pdf?sfvrsn=0 .  During Spring terms, students’ writing skills (even years) and critical thinking skills (odd years) will be assessed in class with CAAP testing.

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