Writing Across the Curriculum

Eligible WI Courses per Department

Make Sure You Register for Three WI-Labeled Courses Prior to Graduation!


All undergraduate students must complete three writing-intensive courses at AUM prior to graduation: one WI course of choice (a "swing" course) and two WI courses in your major field of study.

WI courses are taught by trained writing-intensive faculty. Please make sure that you sign up for three courses that carry the WI in the section field and in front of the course title.

The courses in the table below have been approved for writing-intensive instruction by the WAC Committee and Curriculum Committee. Contact your department head to find out which semesters the following courses will be taught as writing-intensive.

School Department Code Course Title
Business ACCT 4200 Accounting Information Systems
Business ECON 4100  Intermediate Macroeconomics
Business ECON 4110 Intermediate Microeconomics
Business FINA 3370 Personal Financial Planning
Business  FINA 4800  Finance Seminar 
Business HRMS 3150  Human Resource Management
Business HRSM 4610 Human Resource Development and Safety
Business INFO 3700 Data Communications
Business MKTG 4360 Marketing Research
Business MKTG  4780 Marketing Strategy
Business MNGT 3100 Mamagement of Organizations
Business MNGT 4500 Leadership for a Changing World
Education ECED 3890 Fundamentals of Counseling
Education ECED 3950  Counseling Seminar 
Education ECHE 3100 Methods of Teaching the Very Young Child
Education  ECHE 3200  Methods of Teaching Preschool 
Education ELEM 3000 Teaching Creative Arts
Education  ESPE  4040  Introduction to Early Childhood Special Education
Education ESPE 4200 Special Education: Critical Professional Components
Education FNDS 2010 Social Foundations of Education
Education FNDS  2140 Psychological Foundations of Education
Education PHED 2010 Foundations of Health and PE
Education  PHED  4160  Adaptive Physical Education  
Education PHED 4250 Physical Education and Exercise
Education PHED 4310 Ethics in Sports
Education SCED 4050 Teaching in the Middle and Secondary Schools
HONORS HONR  4970  UPH Seminar
Liberal Arts  COMM 3000 Intercultural Communication
Liberal Arts  COMM 3120 Interpersonal Communication 
Liberal Arts COMM 3900 The Documentary Film
Liberal Arts COMM 4130  Research Methods 
Liberal Arts COMM 4580 Fluency Disorders
Liberal Arts COMM 4610 Writing for Speech Pathology and Audiology
Liberal Arts COMM 4620 Aural Rehabilitation, Hbilitation, and Hearing Conversation
Liberal Arts COMM 4720 Critical Issues in Mass Media
Liberal Arts ENGL  2530 Survey of English Literature I
Liberal Arts  ENGL 2540 Survey of English Literature II
Liberal Arts ENGL 2570 Survey of American Literature I
Liberal Arts ENGL 2580 Survey of American Literature II
Liberal Arts  ENGL 2600 Survey of Literature of the Western World I
Liberal Arts ENGL 2610 Survey of Literature of the Western World II
Liberal Arts ENGL 4060 Studies in Composition
Liberal Arts ENGL 4070 History of the English Language
Liberal Arts ENGL 4160 A Reading of the Canterbury Tales
Liberal Arts ENGL 4270 Studies in Shakespeare
Liberal Arts  ENGL 4840 Gay and Lesbian Literature 
Liberal Arts ENGL 4850 Studies in Drama
Liberal Arts GEOG 2050  Geography of World Regions 
Liberal Arts GEOG 2150 Human Geography
Liberal Arts HIST 1020  World History Since 1648 
Liberal Arts  HIST 3840 The United States and Latin America
Liberal Arts HIST 3940 Historical Methods 
Liberal Arts  HIST  4190  American Historiography 
Liberal Arts HIST 4290 Non-American Historiography
Liberal Arts HIST 4560 Imperial Russia
Liberal Arts HIST 4580 Technology in the Soviet Union
Liberal Arts HIST  4590  East Europe in the 20th Century
Liberal Arts  INTL  3000  Introduction to International Studies
Liberal Arts INTL 3020 French Culture
Liberal Arts INTL 4400 Advanced Topics in International Studies
Liberal Arts PHIL 2000  Reasoning and Critical Thinking 
Liberal Arts PHIL 2010 Introduction to Philosophy
Liberal Arts PHIL 2100 Applied Ethics
Liberal Arts SOCI 2000 Introduction to Sociology
Liberal Arts SOCI 2010 Social Problems
Liberal Arts SOCI 3020 Research and Methodology II
Liberal Arts SOCI 3050 Women and Culture
Liberal Arts SOCI 3850 Introduction to Social Welfare
Liberal Arts SOCI 3900 Social Welfare Policies and Services
Liberal Arts SOCI  4100 Minority Groups
Liberal Arts  SOCI  4350  Social Psychology 
 Liberal Arts SOCI  4950 Advanced Seminar in Sociology
Liberal Arts SPAN 3040 Spanish Composition
Liberal Arts SPAN 3110 Spanish Civilization I
Liberal Arts SPAN 3310 Commercial Spanish Translation
Liberal Arts THEA 2040 Theatre Appreciation
Liberal Arts THEA 4310 Dramatic Literature and History
Liberal Arts THEA 4320 Theatre History II
Liberal Arts VISU 1000 Art Appreciation
Liberal Arts VISU 3010 Survey of Non-Western Art
Liberal Arts VISU 3020 The Renaissance in Italy
Liberal Arts VISU 3030 History of Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Art
Liberal Arts VISU 3040 History of Nineteenth Century Art
Liberal Arts VISU 3050 American Art
Liberal Arts VISU 3060 Art Since 1945
Liberal Arts VISU 3070 Women in the History of Art
Liberal Arts VISU 3080 History of Graphic Design
Liberal Arts VISU 3090 Medieval Art
Liberal Arts VISU  3600  Theory and Method in Museum Studies 
Liberal Arts VISU 3960 Reading in Art
Liberal Arts VISU  4010  History of Photography 
Liberal Arts VISU 4100 The Artist in Film and Fiction
Liberal Arts VISU 4200 Contemporary Art Practice
Liberal Arts VISU 4732 Graphic Design III
Liberal Arts VISU 4972 Special Topics in Visual Arts
Nursing NURS 2010 Foundations of Health Care
Nursing NURS 3110 Theoretical Concepts of Professional Nursing Practice
Nursing NURS  3150  Evidence-Based Practice 
Nursing NURS 4110 Transformation to the Professional Nurse Role
Nursing NURS 4210 Leading and Managing in Healthcare Micro-Environments
Nursing NURS 4220 Evidence-Based Practice for the Professional Nurse 
Nursing  NURS 4310  Health Systems Leadership
Nursing NURS 4330 Transformation to the Professional Nurse Role II
Nursing NURS  4400  Professional Transformation into Nursing Practice 
Nursing NURS 4920  Transitions to Professional Nursing 
Sciences BIOL  4013 Medical Microbiology 
Sciences BIOL 4033 General Virology
Sciences  BIOL  4073  Immunobiology
Sciences  BIOL 4203 Ecology
Sciences BIOL 4603 Molecular Genetics
Sciences BIOL 4952 Capstone Biology
Sciences CHEM 2103 Analytical Chemistry
Sciences CHEM 4303 Instrumental Biochemistry
Sciences CLLS 3503 Perspectives in Clinical Laboratory Science
Sciences CLLS 4080 Laboratory Management and Education
Sciences CLLS  4263 Clinical Hematology III 
Sciences JUST 4700 Research Methods
Sciences JUST 4710 Alternative Dispute Resolution
Sciences MATH 2000 Introduction to Higher Math
Sciences MATH 4950 Senior Seminar in Math
Sciences ORGL 2930 Values and Ethics for Strategic Leaders
Sciences POLS 2020 American National Government
Sciences POLS 3010 Research and Methodology
Sciences POLS 3510 Legislative Processes
Sciences POLS  4400  Politics of Race and Immigration
Sciences PSCI 4970 Senior Seminar
Sciences PSYC 2193 Research Design
Sciences PSYC 3470 Culture and Psychology
Sciences PSYC 4952 Seminar: Writing in Psychology

All students will be required to take English Composition I and II; these courses may transfer in from other institutions.