Auburn Guarantee

Transfer Requirements

Academic Requirements for Transfer

Successful completion of the Auburn Guarantee program guarantees participants will have the ability to seamlessly transfer to Auburn.  Completion of the Auburn Guarantee program entails earning 30 hours of university coursework at AUM, and earning a minimum 2.5 grade point average during one's year in Auburn Guarantee. Once these requirements are met, students are guarantee admission to Auburn for the subsequent Fall semester! Students who do not meet these requirements can remain AUM students and apply for transfer admission to Auburn at a later date. 

Core Courses and Majors

While enrolled in the Auburn Guarantee Program, students are advised to take the following core classes to reach the required 30 hours.  These classes have been selected because they are needed for most majors and provide a solid academic foundation for the transition to Auburn.    

English Comp I & II 6 hours 
World History I or II 3 hours
Core Science with a lab 4 hours
UNIV 1003 4 hours
Math  4 hours
Other Courses that could be taken to complete the 30 hour requirement  
Sociology or Psychology 3 hours
American Government 3 hours
Fine Arts 3 hours
Applied Ethics 3 hours
Public Speaking 3 hours
Additional History Course  3 hours 

Students may review the requirements of their anticipated major by clicking here. An adviser will assist students in selecting courses that will satisfy program requirements and allow for academic success after being accepted to Auburn University.