Cross Enrollment

Cross Enrollment allows fully admitted and enrolled AUM students to take courses offered at other select local institutions (host schools), without an additional formal admission. This differs from transient enrollment, which requires admission, registration and payment to the host school. This agreement allows reciprocal cross enrollment among participating schools. Cross enrollment registration activities and tuition payments begin at the student's home institution. Students will present authorization forms and register in-person at the Registrar's Office of the host institution (students are obligated to pay the host institution all laboratory fees and other special charges normally made for certain courses). Students registered under this agreement are extended the use of the host institution's libraries, computer labs and other student services.



Students who are currently enrolled at Auburn University at Montgomery full-time may attend Faulkner University or Huntingdon College as a Cross Enrolled student. Interested students must contact their advisors to receive the proper information and forms regarding cross enrollment. Cross enrolled students should request that an official transcript be sent to AUM upon completion of coursework.

  1. Students officially registered and enrolled on a full-time basis at a participating institution are allowed to cross enroll in another institution for a maximum of one regular course, or the equivalent, during a given term.
  2. All academic courses at participating institutions are subject to cross enrollment.
  3. Tuition and registration fees are waived by the host institution; however, cross enrolled students are obligated to pay the host institution all laboratory fees and other special charges normally made for certain courses.
  4. Cross enrollment must occur during coinciding terms. If the student’s enrollment status at the home institution changes during the term, he or she may remain enrolled at the host institution by paying all normal tuition and fees retroactive to the beginning of the term.
  5. Students will be cross enrolled only upon approval of their dean and upon presentation of cross enrollment permission forms to the Admissions Office at the host institution.
  6. Cross enrolled students are subject to all other rules and regulations of the host institution.
  7. At the request of the student, the Registrar's Office of the host institution will forward all grades of cross enrolled students to the Admissions Office of the home institution at the end of each term.

Note: Cross enrolled students may register during open registration. Please bring the appropriate forms to the Registrar's Office in 114 Taylor Center. Registration for classes will be done by host institution and student's presence is required. There is no need to fill out an undergraduate application. Course availability is on a first-come first-served basis.