Office of Student Accounts


Installment Payment Plan

The AUM Installment Payment Plan helps students and their families who are not able to pay their account in full by registration cancellation date. The installment payment plan is a convenient method for paying tuition and fees in smaller, affordable payments instead of paying in one lump sum.  It is private and secure and can be used in conjunction with traditional student loans and other financial aid.

Basics of the Installment Payment Plan

  • Only a student or an authorized user can enroll in a payment plan
  • One payment plan is offered each semester
  • $500 minimum in eligible charges to enroll in the payment plan
  • All previous semester balances must be paid in full prior to enrollment in the payment plan
  • Enrollment in the payment plan requires paying a $50 (nonrefundable) set up fee and 50% of the semester's balance, (after financial aid and third party payments,) as a down payment at the time of enrollment.  Financial aid nor third party payments cannot be used as the 50% down payment.
  • The remaining balance will be divided into two additional installments. (except for the Summer Payment Plan; there is only one additional installment)
  • Enrollment in the payment plan is completed online through the My AUM portal. After logging in, click on WebPay Online Bill Payment icon.  Once the "My Account" screen appears, click the Payment Plans Tab at the top of the page to start the enrollment process.
Charges covered by the installment payment plan

Tuition                                                 Technology Fee
Student Activity Fee                            Administrative Service Fee
Online and Hybrid Course Fee           Housing (room and board only)
Lab Fees                                             Orientation Fee
Meal Plan

Spring 201502 Term Payment Plan Dates

Installment Plan Enrollment Period                                         Installment Payment Deadlines
Enrollment Start Date: December 8, 2014                                  1st Installment Due: February 17, 2015
Enrollment End Date:  January 16, 2015                                    2nd Installment Due: March 17, 2015

How the installment payment plan work

Below is an example of the breakdown of the installment payment plan. 

Installment Payment Plan Payment Schedule (Example)
A student with the following $4,540 semester term balance would owe installments as follows:

Installment  Due Date  Amount Due 
Set up Fee Due at time of enrollment $50 (not included in payment plan balance)
Down Payment Due at time of enrollment 50% of $4,540 = $2,270
1st Installment February 17, 2015 25% of $4,540 = $1,135
2nd Installment March 17, 2015 25% of $4,540 = $1,135
  Payment Plan balance paid in full = $4,450


  • $25 late payment charge for each past due installment
  • $30 NSF fee for returned checks